6 ways to solve the problem of split ends without cutting

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6 ways to solve the problem of split ends without cutting

Regarding the matter of split ends, it is another vicious problem that bothers many people, especially girls with long hair. Of course, if you have split ends Most people tend to solve the problem by cutting their hair off. But it takes quite a bit of time to grow long hair. Having them cut because my hair has split ends would be too hurtful.

But don’t worry. Today we have a solution. Ways to fix your split ends and return them to their original good condition. Without having to cut it off, these are 6 easy ways that you can do yourself ufabet https://ufabet999.com

Causes of split ends

  • Environmental conditions that harm the hair, such as strong sunlight or humid air.
  • Combing or brushing hair that is too strong
  • Frequent use of heat on the hair
  • Chemical processing such as bending, straightening, and coloring
  • Using products that are inappropriate for your hair type

6 ways to fix split ends and make them beautiful again

1. Stop everything that creates heat.

We use heat on the hair. It will make your hair very dry and damaged. The easy way to solve this is to stop using any type of heat on your hair. Whether it’s blowing a hair dryer (If you want to use a hair dryer to dry your hair You should use cool air to blow dry it instead) or curl your hair. If it is necessary to use heat on your hair, you should add serum, oil or spray heat protection first. To protect hair from heat as much as possible

2. Do not rub the hair hard with a towel.

When we rub a towel hard against our hair. Of course, there will be friction between dry, coarse cloth and wet hair. During the time when our hair is wet, it is the time when the hair is weak. It may cause your hair to split ends more easily, so you may change to using a microfiber cloth to gently absorb the water, in addition to helping your hair dry faster. It also reduces friction between the cloth and our hair.

3. Do not comb your hair when it is wet.

In the case where we comb our hair while it is still wet, it may cause damage to the hair. Until the hair splits How to fix split ends from this cause? That is, you should wait for your hair to dry before combing. Because combing your hair when it’s dry Besides not hurting me It also makes it easier for tangled hair to come apart.

4. Marinate your hair often. It can help.

In the process of hair treatment It is a way to restore and add nutrients to the hair to make it strong, voluminous, and not split ends. It is recommended to marinate your hair with coconut oil or honey, which has properties to help solve dry and damaged hair problems, or use a hair mask treatment. At least once a week To help nourish hair to be moisturized and hair strong. Not easily brittle or split ends

5. Avoid washing your hair with warm water.

Washing your hair with warm water is more harmful to your hair than many people think. Because warm water makes hair dry. Lack of moisture and causing the oil on the scalp to become unbalanced Until dandruff may occur and makes hair dry and damaged to the point

6. Trim off the ends of dry and damaged hair.

This method is a quick way to fix. For those who have difficulty nourishing to return to their original state. Hair that has should be trimmed off to prevent the spread that may occur.