“Losing consciousness” dangerous signal that should not overlook.

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Losing consciousness” is a dangerous signal that should not overlook.

Fainting is a symptom of loss of consciousness. and temporary stability Generally caused by decreased blood flow to the brain. May result in danger. Report from สมัคร ufabet

What is unconsciousness?

Dr. Somsak Akkasin, Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, revealed that syncope is a symptom of loss of consciousness. and temporary stability This is generally caused by a temporary decrease in blood flow to the brain. Causes the brain to be temporarily deprived of oxygen

fainting There will be a specific symptom: sudden loss of consciousness. It happens momentarily in a short period of time. and can regain consciousness on its own It manifests itself in a variety of symptoms such as 

  • call unconscious 
  • fell to the ground 
  • Unable to balance 
  • There may be stiffness in the hands and feet. 
  • I was stunned for a moment. 
  • sweating on the face 

The patient will not remember the events of the unconscious state. There will be a duration of unconsciousness ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on the patient’s original health.

In some cases, symptoms may precede the onset of unconsciousness, such as: 

  • I feel dizzy. 
  • dizzy, wobbly 
  • Blurred vision or seeing flashes of light 
  • Cold hands and feet 
  • squeamish 

The dangers of unconsciousness

Fainting is very dangerous, especially for people who have to work at heights. or those who have to drive If you have frequent fainting symptoms You should see a doctor to evaluate the cause. 

Causes of unconsciousness

Dr. Thanin Wechachapinan, Director of the Neurology Institute Added that Causes of unconsciousness It can happen for many reasons, such as

  1. Heart causes Caused by an irregular heartbeat coronary artery disease The heart muscle is abnormally thick.
  2. Caused by abnormal functioning of the autonomic nervous system. It is often found after certain situations, such as after coughing, sneezing, bending, or standing for a long time in crowded places. or hot weather Afraid of drawing blood, etc.
  3. Caused by blood loss or dehydration, such as severe diarrhea. or bleeding in internal organs
  4. caused by certain drugs Especially medicines to reduce high blood pressure Prostate medicine Anti-depressants or even diabetes medicine 

What type of unconsciousness is dangerous? You should see a doctor.

The danger that one should be careful of is that after the patient wakes up, there may be injuries. Treatment should address the cause of the symptoms. But if you suddenly lose consciousness and wake up with symptoms such as a crooked mouth, a stiff tongue, unclear speech, numbness or weakness on one side of your body. It may be a warning sign of abnormalities, brain conditions, symptoms of ischemic stroke. or a cerebral artery rupture 

The patient or those close to him should observe the symptoms of fainting. And you should hurry and see a doctor immediately, don’t leave it alone.