Zaha can understand if ‘Bruno’ wants to to leave Old Trafford

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Former Manchester United striker Luis Zaha says it would be understandable if Bruno Fernandes wanted to leave Old Trafford this summer.

Portugal national team midfielder Just came out in an interview to confirm that he will not move anywhere. If the โปรโมชั่น ufabet agency still wants him to continue playing with the team, Zaha spoke about the future of the 29-year-old midfielder.

“At this time he is an important player. He is the captain of the club. And he is the one who creates most of the opportunities in the game for the team.

“Without him, Manchester United cannot create opportunities and cannot win.”

“If he does not make a statement about his future, He will certainly think about things and have doubts about what the club can offer

. He has been with the club for some time and has been the target of criticism. Although protected from Manchester United.”

“He may believe he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. So boards need to evaluate what they can do. Get the team back to the top level because Bruno is the only player who has been consistent in the last few years. “

I can understand if Bruno wants to play in the Champions League and fight. To consistently win the championship.”