Rates show Manchester United falling out of the top four

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Rates show Manchester United falling out of the top four, Arsenal becoming second favorites to win the Premier League.

Arsenal returns to be second favorites to win the Premier League 2023/24 again after a strong form to shoot Manchester United 3-1, while has dropped to sixth favorite.

Arsenal is back to being second favorites to win the 2023/24 Premier League again after showing off strong form, shooting Manchester United 3-1 in a big match on Sunday. At the same time, Manchester United’s rating was increas according to สมัคร ufabet and dropped to 6th favorite

Before this game, Liverpool moved up to second favorite after former champion Manchester City after Jurgen Klopp’s team went on to win 3 games in a row, including the last game that smashed Aston Villa 3-0.

However, after the end of Week 4 at the Emirates Stadium,

the pool rates from British betting company Paddy Power have adjust once again. L was reduce from 13/2 to only 5/1 or was the second favorite to win the championship

As for from the original 4th favorite, it was already back to the 6th favorite at a 33/1 rating, opposite to the Spurs who moved up to replace it.

While the old favorite 1, Manchester City, who on Saturday thumped Fulham 5-1, was slightly lowered to 4/9 for winning the Premier League title four times in a row.

  • Latest Premier League championship odds:

    4/9 Manchester City

    5/1 Arsenal

    6/1 Liverpool

    25/1 Spurs

    30/1 Chelsea

    33/1 Manchester United

    40/1 Newcastle

    50/1 Brighton