What causes chocolate cyst?

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A chocolate cyst is a type of cyst that is caused by the misgrowth of endometrial cells. Normally, it should grow in the uterus but instead re-enter the ovary. And still perform the same function by peeling off monthly Causing the blood to accumulate, forming a cyst disease. Which the residual blood will look sticky, brown, similar to chocolate. That’s why it’s called a chocolate cyst. 

The exact cause of chocolate cysts is still unknown. But it is speculated that it may be caused by menstrual blood flowing back into the ovary instead of out of the body through the cervix. This causes the uterine lining that is mixed with menstrual blood to implant and grow in the ovary. UFABET

Symptoms that may be a warning sign of a chocolate cyst.

There are various sizes of chocolate cysts. From small to large, up to 10 centimeters, but the symptoms do not always depend on the size of the chocolate cyst. People with small cysts may have more severe symptoms than those with large cysts. Some people may not show any symptoms at all as well.

Symptoms that are common and often warning signs of a chocolate cyst include:

  • having chronic pelvic pain that is not normal menstrual pain It usually causes pain from the navel to the pelvic area or from the waist to the coccyx. Some people also experience pelvic pain when urinating, defecation, or during intercourse.
  • Abnormal menstrual pain Is it a dull pain or a squeezing pain? Abdominal pain may begin 1–2 days before your period and tend to become more severe over time.
  • Irregular menstruation 
  • If the chocolate cyst is large A lump may be found in the lower abdomen. The lump may become larger and cause pain during menstruation.
  • Some people experience bloating, nausea, or vomiting.
  • If the chocolate cyst breaks, there may be severe and sudden abdominal pain. Along with fever, weakness, dizziness that looks like fainting, rapid breathing, or vaginal bleeding .