Sic Bo.

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Sic Bo games have been around since the beginning. Until now, Sicbo is another game of gambling games that have been familiar to Thai people for a long time legendary gambling game. It is considered one of the oldest gambling games in the world. Originated in early China With the working-class people in China being used to work hard. With daily fatigue Both were pressured to eat enough food to satisfy their hunger. Because at that time there was a war and the country was not peaceful. One day a foreman named Long Lu invented a game in order to play. To ease the stress of his working-class friends, Long Lu took bricks and engraved numbers on each side. 

Total of 6 sides, which points in those days were replaced. Or as if it were a set of numbers. That is there are numbers from number 1, number 2, number 3, number 4, number 5, number 6. The way to play in the past was for one person. Or the agent throws the dice into the sky and the rest guessed. What point will the dice come out? which made the Chinese people in that era very popular. In addition to being fun, it can also create laughter. Until it became popular that spread to the noble officials in the palace and expanding to partner countries with China UFABET 

Sic Bo is a casino game

That is gaining immense popularity among Thai gamblers. In the form of an online Sic Bo game on mobile phones Traditional, classic, fun. Sic Bo play with a chance to make huge amounts of money. Gives the feeling as if playing with people nearby can play dice with many people. Which creates entertainment as well. This dice game is also popular all over the world. Moreover in Europe and North America because of the Chinese people have settled and worked and even owned many businesses. Therefore, the popularity of playing dice has spread rapidly. Because with an uncomplicated form of play, easy to invest and there are many betting options, both even bets, odd bets.

In addition to that A special administrative region of China like Hong Kong, every casino, every casino should have Sic Bo everywhere. Sic Bo games are now available to play both in casinos and in online casinos. It depends on who is convenient to play which way can choose. The rules currently in use are Will use 3 dice, each of which will have 6 faces, 1-2-3-4-5-6. Which the lowest point is 3 points, and the highest point is 18 points. All over the world Will force the numbers 4-10 to be low. While the numbers drawn 12-17 are considered high. And the terms for playing depend on which casino. Which website will set an agreement.

 Which every day If you are satisfied with wanting to play Sic Bo online. You can go play both at the casino. Or play online comfortably at home. Because now gambling websites have Sic Bo games for players to play on almost every website and that’s it. But the rules of each website have to study again how it is.