Bukayo Saka already knew that Kane would hit the net.

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Bukayo Saka the England football international’s forward, said he was always confident. That Harry Kane would score for sure.

The Three Lions beat Senegal 3-0 in the World Cup round of 16 on Sunday night. Sending the Three Lions to face France in the quarter-finals next Saturday.

After the end of the last game, Bukayo Saka mentioned Kane, the senior striker who successfully open the first score in the 2022 World Cup stage. Personally stating that he was always confident that the 29-year-old spearhead would definitely score goals even though the first 3 games were not name on the scoreboard. UFABET

“With respect Senegal They are an amazing team and they are champions of Africa. So we know it won’t be easy.” the Arsenal star told the BBC.

“But we create a lot of chances and know .That with the right timing they could be dealt with immediately.

“As you know, Harry Kane is inevitable in scoring goals. He will always score goals. I wasn’t worry about that at all. He has done a great job for us. He is like glue to the team with the way he connects to his play.

“I think he has make some assists so it’s not like he hasn’t done anything for us. I knew he would score goals and he show unbelievable composure. Because he has a lot of time to score goals. He did the way Harry Kane did and put the ball into goal.