Aliou Cisse thumbs up for team attitude despite elimination.

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Senegal national football team coach Aliou Cisse revealed that he was very proud of his players. Especially with their attitude. Even if they eventually had to pack their bags and go home after the elimination.

The Terenga Lions were defeated 3-0 by England in their World Cup round of 16 clash on Sunday night. As a result, representatives from Africa had to park just as much.

After the game, the media asked Aliou Cisse whether the main reason for losing to the Roaring Lions came from his own team missing two important opportunities before hitting the net or not UFABET

“No, the game lasts 90 minutes, our first 30 minutes were very interesting. But we missed those opportunities. They are a good team. Strong in duels and in good physical condition, ”said the 46-year-old coach.

“We are far from the potential we are capable of, a few players should help us to show things. come out more than that But there is a big point difference between the two teams. We’ve been working for years to get here. But England are 5th in the FIFA world rankings and we can see the difference.

“It’s not a mental issue. I’m proud of the kids. We must acknowledge the excellence of England. They pushed us back. Their second goal gave us even more work to do. 

“But above all it was the third goal that knocked us out of the game. I admire the state of mind of my own team. They didn’t give up and tried to move on without a care.”